In caso di malattie …


Now this is a very interesting picture of a dog with a big tumor on its face. The vet said that you’re going to have surgery radiation, chemo and it’s gonna be expensive. The dog may live only six months. A woman of Georgia read our papers, went to the butcher and she calculated the size of her dog, how many calories the dog should eat, what she should do to restrict the forty percent the calories. She did this on her own without any training and within a very short period of time this tumor shrunk. I mean the dog should have been dead, right? So anyway, some vet came to my lab up at the TUFTS veterinary school. So I showed her, I said, “Well, listen here something that might work, you guys might want to consider.” They said “Wow this is really interesting, but we can’t use this kind of therapy in our clinic.” And I said “Why?”, and she said ” We don’t believe in feeding dog raw meat.” I said “What??? The damn dog evolved to eat meat! Do you think they evolved to eat Kibbles n’ Bits in the forest?! “. We are up against a mindset here. When you take your brain and you put it into a different sphere you can’t see what goes on, up or down! … and what others have said, well you have to wait for the big important members of the field to die off and the young people come in and realize the paradigm, but in cancer why should we sacrifice millions of people and dogs and all this animals that are dying from cancer while we wait for the misinformed to die off? These people are dying now. You have to have another 50 years of dead cancer patients, dog or people, before the paradigm changes. This is a tragedy of monumental proportions portion that needs to be addresses immediately …

Dr. Karen Becker: We are in the middle of a worldwide epidemic: cancer. An epidemic of unknown proportions.

Dominic D’Agostino: What you body uses for fuel is incredibly important for managing disorders like cancer.

Travis Christofferson: We’ve encourage extremely narrow research just looking at one gene, one

Coach Julie Wilhoit: So about 16 months ago I notice a cough with Parker. It was discovered he had a lesson on his lung which was pulmonary carcinoma.

Dr. Karen Becker:The diagnosis hits you like a freight train and most of the time you feel like there’s nothing you can do.

Coach Julie Wilhoit: At that point we were given approximately two to three months, I thought Parker is gonna die and what have I done wrong.

Dominic D’Agostino: Dogs have a different diet than what’s currently being advertised and employe.

Gregory Ogilvie: We didn’t do this throughout our life, throughout history, throughout generations we did not have the same diet. In the last 100 years, we’ve entirely changed a dog’s food pyramid.

Coach Julie Wilhoit: Little did I know, the fact of what I was feeding him probably was the part that was harming him.

Dominic D’Agostino: Your typical which includes pets is predominately carbohydrate driven. Grain-based pet food is dirt cheap, but the second companies that sell this pet food make much larger margins and profit.

Gregory Ogilvie: We did not have the same diet that we have now, and we did not have the same problems that we have now.

Coach Julie Wilhoit: We’re gonna beat this, we’re gonna do this and we will beat this with diet

Travis Christofferson: There’s no doubt that therapeutic effect of this diet are profound.
And now we have a means of starving cancer!

Coach Julie Wilhoit: It was almost within a month this diet was taking hold but then the second month came. My vet looked at me and said whatever you’re doing keep it going. And the third month happen and we did a thoracic scan to see if the cancer had metastasized. Cancer free.

Dominic D’Agostino: Nutrition is the really big hammer we say, to correct a whole range of pathologies.

Coach Julie Wilhoit: This with dogs, why can’t we do it for me, you and anyone else who may face this down to the road.

Dr. Karen Becker: And now we can.
We will…